A. Walker Scott

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No Road Among the Stars

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     University student David Asbury trusts no one and wants nothing more than to be left alone to study alien languages. For three years he has managed just that as an undergraduate at Shel Matkei Academy. But his scholarship, which is his only means of support as an orphan, requires him to become a diplomat in the InterStellar Commonwealth. 

     Now he's on a team of aliens learning how to broker peace treaties and trade deals. Some of them hate him. Some just think he's strange. And one won't let him hide away and waste his life. 

     Just when David decides there's reason to hope for a better future in this world of codes and customs, everything falls apart.

     More alone than ever, David now has to fight his way to justice, with all the odds, and some very powerful aliens, arrayed against him. But even solving the mystery of who is responsible may not be enough to put the pieces of David's life back together. 

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What are people saying about No Road Among the Stars?

"This is character-based science fiction, my favorite kind, and the characters all grow as they learn about and from one another and experience adversity together. They become part of each other – David absorbs a little bit of the Gravgurdan and becomes stronger, and Gronorgh actually begins to understand that the human perspective has merit. It’s a great story, and there will be additional volumes about the Interstellar Commonwealth and its remarkable inhabitants. Can’t wait. Strongly recommended!"  
-Lorinda J. Taylor, author of The Termite Queen  and the Labors of Ki'shto'ba Huge-head series

" I had so much fun reading this. There were places I cried, places where I laughed, and in all places I felt the sense of wonder I look for when I read science fiction. The author shows how there can be a lot of excitement and tension without explosions. If all you want is explosions and laser sword battles in your sf, this is not the book for you. If you want aliens (lotsa aliens) and clash of culture (lotsa clash) and buckets-full of how aliens might think, then this is the book for you. Oh, yeah, and culture exchange night is hilarious. It is going to be hard to wait for the next book."
-Lelia Rose Foreman, author of Shatterworld

"David Asbury is in trouble. He agreed to study diplomacy at the alien university Shel Matkei so he could study his real passion: alien languages. He wants to study them intellectually- using them, though, is a whole different matter. David’s life events have left him traumatized and he much prefers books to dealing with beings. Reckoning time comes, though, and David must choose to use his gift for languages in a practical setting or lose his scholarship, and the resulting events transform him into someone he never knew he could be... I laughed, and I cried. I will probably read it again just for the emotional high. I loved it, and I think you will too."
-H. Halverstadt, book blogger at H. Halverstadt Books

" No Road Among The Stars was a really enjoyable read. A space opera of sorts, which focus on alien languges and cultures. There was some really good world building and as a whole it reminded me a lot of Hyperion by Dan Simmons. It’s packaged with ideas that provoke wonder, any of the various alien cultures and languages we come across in the University where the story is set are well thought through, and the story also raises a few philosophical and theological issues which makes you think deeply."
-Wolf McTavish book blogger at WolfsBooks

" The different cultures and languages were fascinating and the characters complex. The story of belonging made the story relatable amidst all the alien-ness. I'm ready for the next book!"
-Christy, Amazon reviewer

" There are many things I love about this book. The main character is a university student with an encyclopedic knowledge of alien languages and cultures and not the best self-image or social skills. I relate to that. Just when things start looking up, he suffers a terrible loss that leaves him reeling and full of sorrow and anger. This plays out in ways that I did not anticipate, and he finds himself in completely different circumstances at the end of the novel. The aliens are more interesting than they are in a lot of books, and their cultures are well thought out. It's worth the time to check out."
-Mia, Amazon reviewer

" I loved this for its thorough take on cultures and language. Incredibly interesting and well written. Characters are real and the cultural and linguistic descriptions are wonderful. Vive la difference!!! Loved it!!!"
-Kelly Smith, Amazon reviewer

" In Stars, Scott gives us a surprisingly broad view of his fictional world even though we never physically leave the university setting. It's a bizarre, inviting universe layered with verbal and somatic customs for everything imaginable, and at times this makes the book feel like an SF novel of manners. The cultural and linguistic detail is lavish and lovingly presented, but it never feels heavy or awkward, and it admirably serves to advance the plot. Scott's universe is the kind we're used to seeing from established voices in the genre, one built up with great care over many years: from a known writer it would be impressive; from a newcomer it's amazing. "
-J S, Goodreads reviewer

5 stars on Amazon, 4.75 stars on Goodreads

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