A. Walker Scott

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How we got here...

   No Road Among the Stars has been a huge journey. 

     I have been living with David and his friends, enemies, and associated beings for a very long time. They have lives of their own, bits and pieces of which appear in the novels. Their worlds have histories. Tales grow and change as you write.

     Somewhere along the way stories take on a life of their own, and like the Velveteen Rabbit, they become real in the process of rubbing all the new off. For me, this story is now done. It is time to turn it over to you, the reader, and hope you find something to enjoy, maybe even something to love. If you do, then I have done my job. 

     Once the story bug has its jaws into you this deep, there is no cure. The second and third InterStellar Commonwealth novels, Words Like Leaves on the Wind and Mirror of Lies are well underway, and David's life remains...complicated.

     Currently, I am continuing to promote No Road Among the Stars, and sales have been encouraging, as have all the 4- and 5-star reviews! People are loving this story, and that makes me happy. I am trying to get focused on the next draft of Words Like Leaves on the Wind, but another story has been demanding my attention for the last week or so. It's set far in the backstory of NRATS, and tells the story of the original settlers of the Human colony world, Gallaudet

Who I Am

     A. Walker Scott's love for science fiction was born one dark night at a drive-in movie theater when the words “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” scrolled up the screen. Now he is a lightsaber-wielding Browncoat with an IDIC on his lapel. He will read any novel with a good alien, twice if it has an alien language!


     He has taught English in Taiwan, awakened in the wrong city in Romania, and done linguistic and cultural fieldwork in Solomon Islands. And he has been creating his own languages since just before his 12th birthday.


     He collects far too many collections, and the books have started reproducing on their own. He lives in a sleepy Texas suburb, where he writes about aliens while listening to Bach fugues...when not rendering homage to a pack of slobbery Basset hounds.


     Look around my website, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to the site. There's much more to come.

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