A. Walker Scott

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Trelkairni Phonology


     The Trelkairni vowel system is one that should be very familiar to speakers of many Human languages. This is the so-called "classic five-vowel system," which is used in approximately one-third of Earth's languages. Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Swahili and many others. The one thing that is somewhat less common is the placement of the low vowel, which is typically more central in these five-vowel systems.

     The mid vowels, both front and back, tend to have a rather wide range of realization, conditioned by the surrounding consonants. The high vowels tend to have a more strictly canonical realization.


     The only remarkable thing here is the marked gap in the consonant inventory is the lack of the voicing distinction in the post-alveolar position, and the lack of both y /j/ and w /w/.

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