A. Walker Scott

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     Tvern El is the unification language of the Tvern An. It is an extreme example of the isolating type of language. There is no verbal morphology, and nouns do not even have plural forms. The basic word order is not the typical arangement of subject, object and verb in some particular order. instead, Tvern El grammar is what is termed topic-comment or theme-rheme. Some item is introduced as the topic (or theme) of the sentence, and the rest of the sentence is a comment upon that topic (or the rheme). This type of sentence structure is common in languages such as Japanese, Korean, American Sign Language and others on Earth.

Sample Text

     Gvel Tkal tar e. Gvel kan Tgern kteln. Dtal e Gvel Tgern gtinerl. Gen Tkal tar e Gdarn kvaln. Gdarn e fgenern Gvel kfaln. Gdarn e Tkal tar e veln ki fgenern. Veln e aln Gdarn ktirn. Ktrin e dernal kvil ga. Gvel dgani ga il. Tkal dgani ktal. Dgani i ktal il. Tkal gdarn tar e. Tkal gfarlnal ktal. Gdarn e kverln ga. Tkal e vkaln gdar vkerl gdarn e. Gdarn e Tkal faln kvel Tkal. Tkal dgarin ki Gdarn e kvel fval. Tkal Gdarn gferln e arn fgern veln ki. Tkal gilnar ga. Tkal ilern. Gvel kteln. Ilern kteln. Tkal ilern kiren. Teln. Teln dtaln. Tkal ilern kiren. Ilern e gdarn fval. Gdarn e ktirn ga. Gdarn Tkal dfan. Gdarn dgi. Tkal e Gdarn tdin. Tkal Gdarn kverln kverln. Gdarn kdi. Tkal gfe dtaln. Tkal gkarln.

Tvern El Writing System
     The alphabet in which Tvern El is written is not truly an alphabet. Neither is it a syllabrary. Instead the Tvern El writing systemis what is sometimes called a "defective alphabet." It is based on the principle of initials and finals which will no doubt be unfamiliar to you if you are unacquainted with the Chinese phonetic system known as BePeMeFe (or BoPoMoFo). While the Tvern El system is not identical to BePeMeFe, it is similar in its organizing principle. Most Tvern El words can be written with two characters. The first character represents the initial consonant or consonant cluster. The second character represents the vowel plus any final consonants. Two syllable words usually require three characters. However, those monosyllabic words which do not have initial consonants can be written with a single character.

A Tvern An kvar

Gen dernal ftilil           Whispers in the dark

Gtarn e kteln gvan      A candle lights the way

Da tfel dferlnil da       To new understanding

     Kvar is a traditional cultural form of poetry among the Tvern An, and as its name, kvar, suggests, it is composed of three (kvar) lines. The form is constrained by syllable counting. The lines are patterned 5-4-5 syllables. In this aspect, it is somewhat similar to the Human poetic form known as haiku, though kvar lacks the emphasis on nature and is even shorter (by three syllables).